CLIL to Thema mapping

This article may be of interest to our francophone clients. Indeed just before the Paris book fair, a mapping of the CLIL classification to Thema was released. In case you didn’t know, Thema is the international book classification. It’s goal, in the long run, is to become the unique classification schema used worldwide in order to reduce confusion between all existing classifications.


Article: Managing Metadata

This recent article in Livres Hebdo examines how book metadata may be a subject on everyone’s minds but often is not well understood. “Enjeu sensible et permanent de l’édition papier et numérique, les métadonnées sont indispensables, mais pas toujours bien appréhendées par les différents acteurs”. More…


Onix 3.0: Global Publishing, Global Metadata

Among the challenges technology poses for publishing is the issue of how to handle globalization. With the potential to reach a truly global marketplace, there is a need for automated M2M (machine to machine—really, computer to computer) data exchange, with which the books and serial products, as well as the information about each product—the metadata—can be easily exchanged. More…